Imam jailed for confining wife to home

Man found guilty of domestic abuse in denying woman all freedom

MPS manager in hot water over allegedly sexist remarks

'Selling policies like pulling girls' says bank official

Girl, 16, dies of injuries after suicide leap

Cops trying to find out why she decided to end life

Golf: Ladies Italian Open sees 10 Azzurre taking part

26th edition of event near Alessandria for 2nd straight year

«Afghanistan was a catastrophe. Europe must share responsibility»-

di Federico Fubini EU High Representative Josep Borrell suggests giving neighboring countries financial support to keep Afghan refugees: The US is not willing to fight...

Vatican invested in Lapo Elkann and Elton John film

Finance moves in mysterious ways, and one of them links the Vatican to the island of Malta. It has emerged that in February,...

Judges acquit Salvini: “NGOs should go to their own country”

The responsibility for assigning a “safe haven” to ships carrying refugees rescued at sea lies with the “First-Contact Country”, which is not always easy...

Giovanni Evangelisti and his medal for rigged long jump

Throughout the 1980s and for half of the 1990s, he was the Italian who jumped longest, the first Italian to go over eight...

Liliana Segre “ready to head anti-hate commission”

“I’m occasionally tempted to throw in the towel. If, at the age of almost 90, you end up targeted by insults, under escort, deprived...

Ceramics company set to move to Armenia bought out by staff

The trademark of the new factory with its slogan “All for one, a dream for all” is their constant companion. Literally, because, as...

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