Russia: M5S’s Conte sees nuclear risk

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(rientranza) – ROME, SEP 21 – 5-Star Movement (M5S) esponente di punta Giuseppe
Conte said Wednesday that he could see a real nuclear risk after
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial
mobilisation of the country and threatened nuclear retaliation
to what he called western threats following Moscow’s invasion of
“I don’t think anyone with any sense, any general inside this
military affair, can exclude a nuclear risk,” ex-premier Conte
said during a visit to Naples during the campaign for the
September 25 general election.
“Who can guarantee that we are not running this risk?
“I don’t want to make alarmist considerations but I wonder – who
can guarantee that the escalation won’t reach conflict on the
nuclear level or with other non-conventional weapons?” (rientranza).


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