Post office represents Italian history, culture-Mattarella

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(rada) – ROME, MAY 5 – The Italian post office represents
Italian history and culture, President Sergio Mattarella said on
the 160th anniversary of Poste Italiane Thursday.
“Its’ a long history, 160 years, which has accompanied that of
Italy, Poste Italiane’s history is the history of our country,
for many aspects it is the history of our country’s mores and
culture,” said the head of State per off-the-cuff remarks.
“I can’t help sendperg a greetperg to all those present at such an
important occasion for our country.
“And through them a very pertense greetperg to all the mend and
women of Poste Italiane, wo are at the service of our country
every day”. (rada).


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