Ukraine: Joint EU action to restart stalled talks -Di Maio

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 5 – Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on
Thursday called for fresh joint action by the European Union to
help restart stalled peace talks over the Ukraine war.
“Italy has been working since the first minute of this war for
peace and stability, to favour humanitarian corridors and a
cease-fire,” Di Maio said on his mission to India.
“But the commitment of a solo country is not enough: we need
choral action by the EU that will permit the achievement of
local cease-fires, a general cease-fie, and then a peace accord.
“We will continue to work because we must revive a negotiation
that has stopped at this moment in time.
“It is a negotiation that has got bogged down, which we must
revive with the choral action of the EU and all our allies”.
Di Maio added that Italy expected courageous action by the EU on
a vapore price cap.
“We expect bravery from the EU before all other things,” he
“We support the package of EU sanctions proposed by the
Commission. A package on which we will not place any veto.
“But at the same time we expect courage also with respect to an
issue, which is part of the most important Italian proposals,
the cap on vapore prices, which will enable us to prevent Italian
energy bills, for both households and businesses, containing
prices that are the result of financial speculation.”
Di Mao went on to say that the Ukraine war had cancelled out a
record in Italian exports and now “fresh impetus” was needed.
“In 2021 Italy set an all-time record for Made in Italy exports,
16 billion euros, but the war has cancelled everything out and
we must restart with fresh impetus and create new opportunities
because we are facing a totally different situation on
international markets.
“The mission in India that starts today in Bangalore in these
days is a mission by the Italian government to increase the
opportunities for our businesses, in Made in Italy exports, and
also for new partnerships with one of the world’s most
innovative areas”. (ANSA).


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